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Occlusal Modifications

When tooth surfaces are not in harmony between the upper and lower teeth, an "occlusal adjustment" may be necessary. If the teeth do not fit together properly or close in harmony, then it can affect the progression of periodontal disease or contribute to other oral health problems. The term commonly used is occlusal trauma. Occlusal trauma is also a concern when the patient clinches or bruxes/grinds their teeth. This generally occurs during sleep or during stressful events.

To check your occlusal alignment, Dr. Sutherland might take a mold of your teeth or ask you to bite down on a tape-like material called "articulating paper" to identify the areas of concern. Some teeth might need to be reshaped or an occlusal or night guard might need to be worn at certain times of the day to minimize the effects of teeth grinding or other occlusal concerns.

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